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Company new

Employee introduction

The factory employs more than 150 people and has a highly efficient production line, with 115 people in the production department, 5 people in the technical department, 5 people in management, and 5 people in QC.

The workshop is clearly divided into production areas, and the textile equipment is dedicated to each person, so that the production line is of high quality.

The technical department is responsible for the management of the equipment and the operation of the highly technical machinery, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Quality control area, with professional QC inspectors to ensure the quality of production and process details

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Contact: Miss Xiang

Phone: 13656759253

Tel: 0575-87187272

Email: mingkeer2000@gmail.com

Add: No. 11, Science and Technology Road, Lixin County Industrial Park, Anhui Province

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