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Company new

Strategy and plan

Strategic objectives

To maintain a stable and sustainable partnership with our existing clients to achieve a sustainable win-win situation for both parties

To expand our business into global markets such as North America and Russia

To achieve high-tech automated production, reducing manual errors and increasing the accuracy and speed of production

Increase the production capacity of the factory and the production circuit to enable multi-faceted garment production

Improve staff culture training, reduce communication costs and continue to improve productivity

Strategic Plan

Maintain current production levels, continuously follow up with clients to ensure quality and quantity of orders

Researching the target market, actively contacting potential customers and communicating cooperation intentions efficiently

Keeping an eye on the market for new production equipment, purchasing new equipment according to demand, and actively training technical staff to keep up with the latest production technology

Internal communication is unimpeded and we are always concerned about the needs of our staff, conducting regular production spot checks and training, promoting corporate culture and maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction.




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